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About this Tool

What is e-Navigator?

In order to assist NAS students to easily access programme information from local institutions based on their interests, the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters (HKACMGM) developed a website and mobile application "e-Navigator: Multiple Pathways under the New Academic Structure". This career exploration tool helps students search for programme information across different local institutions and levels (e.g. degrees, higher diplomas and associate degrees) under the NAS. Besides, students could get access to other programmes from the Qualifications Register. Programme details are based on existing publicised information from respective official websites. Hyperlinks to various official web pages are created for users who wish to find out more details of individual programmes.

In what way does e-Navigator help us?

By using e-Navigator, students may
  • Know more about the study opportunities provided in Hong Kong Institutions to see if that fit their interests by searching the desirable Area of Study and Institution;
  • Figure out their own pathways of future studies;
  • Use the information provided to discuss with peers, parents, career teachers and relevant people;
  • Make desirable plan and several contingency plans for future studies; and
  • Get access to updated information on multiple pathways under the NAS for Hong Kong students (including relevant statistics information after the release of HKDSE Examination results).

Who will use e-Navigator?

This tool is designed for all people, especially
  • All NAS students; and
  • All relevant personnel providing guidance to students, e.g. school principals, vice principals, career teachers, class teachers, parents and relevant non-government organisations.

What versions will be available with e-Navigator?

There are three versions available with e-Navigator.
  • Website
  • Mobile website
  • An Application (APP) for smartphone
(Students are recommended to constantly update the content of the APP)